Janet Elizabeth Sparkes

Janet Elizabeth SparkesAge: 77 years18941971

Janet Elizabeth Sparkes
Given names
Janet Elizabeth
Married name
Janet Elizabeth Hazlewood
Birth June 13, 1894 40 36
Address: 13 Coquet St, Jarrow, Co. Durham, England
Death of a maternal grandfatherJohnathon Johnson Hobson
December 1894 (Age 5 months)
Birth of a sisterFlorence Adelaide Sparkes
November 3, 1896 (Age 2 years)
Birth of a brotherErnest Sparkes
May 11, 1898 (Age 3 years)
Death of a brotherErnest Sparkes
September 27, 1898 (Age 4 years)
Birth of a brotherJohn Hobson Sparkes
July 28, 1899 (Age 5 years)
Death of a brotherJohn Hobson Sparkes
September 2, 1899 (Age 5 years)
Census 1901 (Age 6 years)
Death of a brotherFrederick George Sparkes
October 5, 1903 (Age 9 years)
Cause: Pneumonia
Note: Frederick had just completed his apprenticeship as an engineering fitter and turner, when he caught a cold and died.
Death of a paternal grandmotherMary Bell
November 13, 1903 (Age 9 years)
Death of a brotherRichard William Sparkes
after 1910 (Age 15 years)

Death of a sisterFlorence Adelaide Sparkes
April 8, 1913 (Age 18 years)
Note: Florence was a very delicate sickly child, who lived barely 17 years.
Death of a brotherRobert Bell Sparkes
after 1915 (Age 20 years)

Death of a motherElizabeth Hobson
February 13, 1931 (Age 36 years)
Death of a fatherRichard Bell Sparkes
June 11, 1933 (Age 38 years)
Cause: Cancer of Bowel and Liver
Death of a brotherThomas Clifford Sparkes
January 1953 (Age 58 years)
Death November 1, 1971 (Age 77 years)
Address: 19 Wickham View, Newcastle upon Tyne, England
Cremation November 1971 (on the date of death)
Address: Ashes spread in the "Garden of Remembrance", the West Road Crematorium. Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England.
Family with parents - View this family
Marriage: July 4, 1876Wingate, Co. Durham, England
3 years
elder brother
2 years
elder sister
Edith Isabella Sparkes
Birth: March 22, 1881 26 23Sunderland, Co. Durham, England
Death: May 15, 1881Sunderland, Co. Durham, England
17 months
elder brother
Frederick George Sparkes
Birth: August 19, 1882 28 24Jarrow, Co. Durham, England
Death: October 5, 1903Jarrow, Co. Durham, England
3 years
elder sibling
Unknown Baby Sparkes
Birth: July 4, 1885 31 27Jarrow, Co. Durham, England
Death: July 6, 1885Jarrow, Co. Durham, England
14 months
elder brother
2 years
elder brother
2 years
elder brother
Thomas Clifford SparkesThomas Clifford Sparkes
Birth: June 17, 1891 37 33Jarrow, Co. Durham, England
Death: January 1953Jarrow, Co. Durham, England
3 years
Janet Elizabeth SparkesJanet Elizabeth Sparkes
Birth: June 13, 1894 40 36Co. Durham, England
Death: November 1, 1971Tyneside, England
2 years
younger sister
Florence Adelaide Sparkes
Birth: November 3, 1896 42 38Jarrow, Co. Durham, England
Death: April 8, 1913Jarrow, Co. Durham, England
18 months
younger brother
Ernest Sparkes
Birth: May 11, 1898 44 40Jarrow, Co. Durham, England
Death: September 27, 1898Jarrow, Co. Durham, England
15 months
younger brother
John Hobson Sparkes
Birth: July 28, 1899 45 41Jarrow, Co. Durham, England
Death: September 2, 1899Jarrow, Co. Durham, England

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